Accesibility And Sensory Inclusive Guide



United Center is proudly certified as a sensory inclusive venue in Chicago. United Center staff has been trained by medical professionals on recognizing guests with sensory needs and how to properly handle a sensory overload situation. United Center now offers a therapeutic space with a variety of equipment that provides a calming, peaceful environment for guests with sensory needs. Guests needing a quiet space can visit the Guest Relations Booth at Gate 2 to request access to the room. The new Sensory Room is located at Gate 2 1/2.

Additionally, the arena has sensory bags available for guests to check out at Guest Relations Booths located inside Gates 2 and 6 on the 100 level, Section 221 and Section 325. Sensory bags include noise canceling headphones, fidget tools, verbal cue cards, and weighted lap pads.

Guest Relations Booth Locations:

  • Gate 2 Concourse
  • Gate 6 Concourse
  • Section 221
  • Section 325

For any questions or followups, please contact




The United Center was built with our guests’ comfort in mind. The unique design of the arena allows easy access for guests with special needs or disabilities. More importantly, our staff has been trained in responding to these needs to make our guests feel at home.

All ATMs are marked in braille and can be found at the following locations: Box Office lobby near Gate 4, 100 level concourse at section 105/106 and 117/118, 200 level at section 220/221 and on the 300 level concourse at section 327/328.

Each of our 46 concession stands are wheelchair accessible. If you require assistance, please locate the nearest team member.

Elevators are located next to Gates 3 and 7 for you and a companion.

Convenient wheelchair access is available at all main entry gates (Gates 2 and 3 on the north side, Gates 6 and 7 on the south side, and the VIP Entrances at Gates 4 and 8). Any guest with a disability, or guests needing special assistance may use the elevators inside the lobby to arrive at their seating level. Any additional guests are requested to utilize nearby escalators or stairs.

Escalators leading guests to the 200 and 300 levels are located at Gates 2, 3, 6, and 7.

Fully-equipped first aid stations staffed with registered nurses are located on the 100 and 300 level concourses, across from sections 115/116 and 327/328. Please ask the nearest the team member should you require assistance.

Our Guest Relations booths are located at Gates 2 and 6 on the 100 level, and at section 220/221 and 324/325 on the upper concourses. Feel free to stop by and visit with one of our team members regarding any questions, comments, or suggestions. Among other services offered to guests, electric wheelchairs may be charged at these booths. To make arrangements in advance, please call (312) 455-4509 or email

Assistive listening devices (personal headsets) are available free of charge at the Guest Relations booths. With 1 to 2 weeks advance notice, we can also provide a sign language interpreter free of charge. Please contact the Guest Relations department at (312) 455-4509 or email

Vehicles displaying a current handicapped license plate or window placard are permitted to park in Lot G South, which is located at the southwest corner of the building at Damen Avenue and Monroe Street. Please see the parking map below. Also, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) provides transportation to and from the United Center for guests with disabilities. For more information, please contact the CTA at (312) 836-7000.

Every restroom is wheelchair accessible. A companion restroom is located in First Aid on the 100 level across from section 115/116 and on the 300 level in the standing room area of section 303/304. Please ask the nearest team member for access to companion restrooms.

Our main merchandise store, as well as the concourse merchandise stands, are all wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair accessible seating and a companion seat are available on all levels of the United Center based on availability. Single and group ticket information can be obtained directly from the United Center by calling (312) 455-4655 or by visiting our Box Office. Wheelchair accessible ticket windows are located at the main box office at Gate 4 and section 325. Please provide as much information as possible when speaking with our representatives so that we can better service your needs and ensure a great experience. Please see our accessible seating chart below.

Wheelchair accessible drinking fountains are located near the restrooms on all levels.

Wheelchair escorts are available by visiting the nearest Guest Relations booth or by asking any United Center team member.



Accessible Seating
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