DNC 2024

Step 1: Official DNC Bid Preparation for Chicago

MARCH 2022 - MAY 2022

More than 1,000 working hours of collaboration involving the United Center team, consultants, city and state officials to develop and reimagine the bid submission.

Step 2: Official Chicago Bid Submitted

MAY 2022

More than 125 pages of documentation curated by the United Center team and the City of Chicago submitted to the Democratic National Convention Committee for consideration.

Step 3: In-Person Pitch in Washington D.C.

JUNE 2022

United Center team and the city present for the first time to the Democratic National Convention Committee to support the Chicago bid.

Step 4: Democratic National Convention Committee Site Visit

JULY 2022

United Center and city hosted the DNCC for an immersive presentation and interactive tour throughout the United Center - the largest arena in North America.

Step 5: DNC Summer Meetings - Chicago Reception


Brought United Center and Chicago to Washington D.C. to entertain delegates in attendance and support the Chicago bid. Enjoy the video.

Step 6: Chicago Officially Awarded the 2024 Democratic National Convention

APRIL 2023

Convention Planning in Progress

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